Showmax launched in Poland

February 2017

New real-time Spark Streaming pipeline deployed

November 2016

Extended our private CDN to cover Kenya

September 2016

20 million views milestone

September 2016

Support for Edge and AirPlay

PlayReady for MPEG-CENC released to support MS Edge.

AirPlay support in Safari.

August 2016

10 million views milestone

July 2016

Task T10000 created in Phabricator

July 8 2016

Showmax added to DStv Explora decoder

June 2016

Showmax expands

We have expanded to additional 36 countries in Africa. Taking total to 65 countries world-wide.

May 2016

Bandwidth capping introduced across all apps

May 2016

Apple related updates

We have added support of offline downloads to iOS application.

We have also implemented support for FairPlay (Apple DRM) on application as well as backend side.

Jan 2016

Showmax named Stuff’s App of the Year

Jan 2016

Downloads added to Android app

December 2015

Showmax launched in South Africa

August 2015

Task T1000 created in Phabricator

July 3 2015