DevOps / Site Reliability Engineer - Infrastructure at Showmax

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Showmax is one of the largest and most successful subscription video on demand services serving sub-Saharan Africa. Showmax apps are available for smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, media players and gaming consoles.

DevOps team currently consists of 5 senior and 2 junior engineers and as Showmax service is expanding into new markets and countries, our platform grows both horizontally and vertically and we are adding more complexity into our infrastructure design, the team will need to grow as well.

Who Are We Looking For:

  • English level B2/C1. You should be able to communicate freely
  • GNU/Linux at a very decent level; UNIX power tools are at your fingertips, also
    • man and info pages are your best friends
    • Thou does not abuse cats
  • Python, or any other programming language plus willingness to learn Python

Tick any of the following (the more the better, we don’t expect you to know all of them):

  • Good grasp over networking technologies and concepts
  • Experience with large-scale automated deployments
  • Understanding of security concepts for data at rest and data in transfer and technologies that implement them
  • Knowledge of video encoding and streaming
  • Following technologies we use or experiment with within our stack:
    • HAProxy, Varnish, Nginx
    • Docker, KVM, Nomad, Consul, Vault
    • Puppet, Packer, Terraform, Vagrant
    • Patroni, Postgresql, CockroachDB
    • Glusterfs, Object storage e.g. Minio
    • ELK stack
    • Rabbitmq, Kafka, NATS 
    • Go, Python, Ruby, Bash
    • Prometheus ecosystem, Nagios
    • Gitlab, Phabricator
    • Microsoft Azure, Hetzner Cloud

What you will be doing:

  • Building, expanding, improving and maintaining distributed multi-tier hybrid bare-metal/cloud system that makes up the overall platform for services known as Showmax
  • Writing support infrastructure tooling and configurations in Python/Go/Ruby/Puppet DSL and debugging applications in any of the above with the sprinkle of C/C++ where applicable
  • Creating PoC for technologies and passing the newly gained knowledge to your colleagues
  • Driving the best practices of the DevOps mindset and present some of our work to the community on conferences and meetups

Our environment and offer:

  • Team of equally passionate people who can discuss solutions over lunch or weekend beer and as well as some good movie during a moment of respite in the office
  • “everything is an experiment”, “no finger pointing” and open-minded culture driven by logic and rational behavior. You can expect to have to argue your way through the discussion and be challenged by counterarguments in order to make the best solution real
  • Enough time to have things done when they are done, equally so have the ability to ship production code/configuration within hours from idea inception
  • Participation on company-wide engineering activities and projects spanning multiple teams
  • Company hardware budget, open space and spacious office with ergonomic equipment, 5 weeks of vacation, 5 sick days, ability to work 2 days remote standard, neat learning/conference budget and “you like a book - go buy it” approach, kitchens filled with fresh fruit/veggies, snacks and tea/coffee, meal vouchers (131CZK/day) and a multisport card

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