Showmax is working closely with the Faculty of Information Technology at the Czech Technical University. We collaborate under the umbrella of ShowmaxLab. It involves Showmax engineers visiting the faculty regularly and working directly with students. Lab has a dedicated workspace on the 13th floor.

ShowmaxLab is a program that allows students to get closer to the real world, get paid for doing interesting stuff, and (usually) gain academic credit while they do it. Students can select from a range of available projects (check below) across the different Showmax development teams to work on. These include everything from AI and machine learning (ML), highly available and distributed Internet systems, to monitoring, testing and API documentation.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is becoming an important tool for solving some of the day-to-day engineering challenges. ML has an indispensable place in the efforts to better understand our users, content, and how our service can be better. This also includes content recommendations - one of the most-important parts of the user experience, and the perfect testing ground for advanced ML applications.

Project title Researcher(s) Project Summary
Action detection in videos Ondřej Bíža The aim of this project is to recognize what people are doing in videos. As recognizing human actions is an incredibly complex, we use very deep convolutional networks trained on large datasets.
Detecting scene locations Lukáš Lopatovský In this project, we tested different techniques for detecting where movie scenes take place. The final system used convolutional neural networks trained on the Imagenet dataset and fine-tuned on our custom dataset.

Open Projects

These projects are typically eligible for being submitted as bachelor’s or even master’s theses. We will provide you with technical supervisor (odborný garant práce) and/or reviewer (oponent práce). In order to see the details and get involved, you need to be a CTU (ČVUT) student. If you don’t have an account, will also need to register yourself at SSP to get enrolled to the project or please, drop us an email at

Project title Estimated time complexity Reward level
Adaptive Video Buffer Management 120 hours 💰💰💰💰
Annotation of movie scripts with video positions 100 hours 💰💰
Automatic subtitles synchronisation 60 hours 💰
Better targeting of win-back campaigns 60 hours 💰💰
Compare “Brotli” and “gzip” compression algorithm on nginx HTTP server 40 hours 💰
Deep learning features and similarity of movies based on their subtitles 30 hours 💰
Highly available and scalable Prometheus 40 hours 💰
Highly available Docker registry 40 hours 💰
Neural Adaptive Content-aware Internet Video Delivery 150 hours 💰💰💰
Prediction of time when to send message to user 60 hours 💰💰
Research of full-disk encryption 60 hours 💰
Viewing funnel analysis and clustering 60 hours 💰💰

Learn More

Drop us an email at to schedule a meeting. We go to the lab every second Monday mornings.