We are always on a seek for a new approaches of solving our engineering challenges. Machine learning is a huge part of efforts to better understand our users, content and our service. Content recommendation is very important piece of user experience. We have founded the ShowmaxLab as a collaborative place between us and top researchers at Faculty of Information Technologies (FIT) or Czech Technical University (CTU/ČVUT).

If you’d like to work with us, or learn more, contact us at datalab@showmax.com or visit FIT SSP portal, if you are FIT CTU student.

Current Projects

Action detection in videos

Researcher: Ondřej Bíža

The aim of this project is to recognize what people are doing in videos. As recognizing human actions is a complex high-level task, very deep convolutional networks trained on large datasets are used.

Past Projects

Detecting scene locations

Researcher: Lukáš Lopatovský

In this project, techniques for understanding where movie scenes take place were explored. The final system used convolutional neural networks trained on the Imagenet dataset and fine-tuned on our custom dataset.